Alexandre Lichtblau

When he was young, Alexandre Lichtblau took painting lessons at the Carrousel du Louvre. But it was only later, at the age of 23, that he reconnected with painting. He started to reproduce works of other artists in order to perfect his technique and understand the purpose of colour. Very quickly, he decided to create his own paintings and share the emotions that inspired his work. His paintings eventually leaned towards figurative art and the work of human figure.


In 2017, he chose to tackle reality by painting living models at the Académie de la Grand Chaumière in Paris, with the desire to " paint what he saw rather than what he imagined ".


Each of his paintings is a story represented in colours. The colours either collide with one another or unite to established a strong bond with the viewer. An antithetical layout emerges between the intensity of the lines that confront each other and the colours that turn into one another. The tension coming out of the painting swings between softness and resistance. 

Artist's statement

His work has been devoted to developing human figure and representing in colours the connections with the outside world. He began to create figures illustrated with a black and white line. The first paintings were produced with acrylic paint. He started drawing a line in an attempt to suggest an emotion in its simplest expression. Gradually, an approach developed to eventually provide material to this human figure and, also, to simplify the connect by making it either more geometrical or more abstract. Then, oil pastels enabled him to model the colour directly on the canvas. This key element allowed him to gain a better understanding of the division of the body’s volumes or the way to give them consistence through light.

Finally, he began to work with oil paints to intensify pictorial nature oh his models. Understanding the human body to read it at best, and managing to express and discover emotions even more personal. Nonetheless, representation is not an end in itself. His work aims to combine smoothly figurative scenes illustrating the human being in more abstract environments, that is to say, the vegetable and the mineral worlds.

It is mostly the search through colour and its shades that inspires him and gives him the energy to produce his paintings. Finding a technique to " contort " the colour and approach harmony by allying styles that may seem incompatible. The link between man and the elements surrounding him is an aspect that intrigues him. What prosition does he hold in his environment ? What connection does he make with the animal, vegetable, or mineral world ?